Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Dodged that one

Whew what A day.

I still have a job and you know what?

I love my job! I love my job! I love my job!

They say that you don't appreciate some things until they are gone. Well, I appreciate my job and it is not gone. THANK YOU!!

I do, however, feel terrible for the people that lost theirs today. Yes, it's a bitter sweet day. So happy that I was not 'voted off the island' yet really bummed about those that were.

When WILL we see the bottom of this depression?


Really I’m just tired of seeing my post about large appliances. I am so enjoying my new washer and dryer to the point that as soon as I get home, I’m looking for dirty laundry. This amazes hubby because for years now he has been doing most of it and I pretty much ignore the whole mess. I admit, I’m a gadget junky; I love new stuff, toys especially electronics.

Now, on to other more pressing matters: We (here at my work) are about to go to a meeting the CEO has scheduled for the entire company to “discuss measures being taken to ensure the growth and prosperity of the company in the face of a sustained economic downturn.” Hmm, sounds ominous. I don’t like these meetings. I’ve been to two similar type meetings and both times it was to announce either the closing of the business or the selling of the business. In both cases, I lost my job. I don’t think this is the case, for me, today. However, with the type of work we do here, I get a first hand view of this ‘economic downturn’ every freaking day.

Wish me luck.