Saturday, November 29, 2008

Large Appliances; WOO HOO!

Yes, particularly a new washer and dryer.

We purchased a new set yesterday. This is a big deal. Not just because we live across the street from a mall . It was Black Friday and when the holiday shopping season begins we usually can't get in or out of our neighborhood by car or that my husband who hates crowds, hates shopping, hates spending money on anything household like actually said to me "lets go to Sears and buy this set", on Black Friday. Or that we jumped in the truck, because we had to get there before noon, drove over there, ended up parking half way back home, marched in, weaved our way through the crowds of crazy people waiting in mile long lines, found a salesperson (lucky? We know!), picked out a different, better set than the one we came for, wrote a check and we were outta there. Done, in fifteen minutes, I swear. If we hadn't of stopped to take a picture of the four CHP officers on motorcycles parked across the street from the mall - hey it looked cool and they are making it so we CAN get in and out of our neighborhood - we would have been back at the house within twenty minutes. Oh the big deal? It is that our set is over twenty years old. See what I mean about hubby not wanting to spend money on household items. And HE does most of the laundry. I know, trained well; it's really a passive aggressive thing but more about those issues of mine later. Anyway, twenty years old! P.O.S! Done, finished. It was so time and it has been for probably ten years but it took the washer ruining clothes, Princess being burnt by the snaps on Grandson's onsies and just maybe that the damn dryer will not shut off by itself. Can you say "Fire hazard".

They will be delivered and installed tomorrow. Today we have to remodel the laundry room, the last room to be repainted in over twenty years. Probably going to have to replace valves and some flooring. Which is why hubby does not look forward to doing any remodeling or just plain fixing things around here, small projects always become larger and more complicated.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Oh yeah!

Happy Thanksgiving!
I'm not cooking because we had dinner with all the family Sunday. At first I felt guilty. Actually, I still do, kind of, but I'll get over it.
So my girls and I are sitting on our butts watching movies and then we are going out to dinner. The boys are on a Cannon Ball run to go get princesses car. It's 8 hours each way, they left at 4 am today and they plan on being back tonight. Nuts, I say.

And I quote...

"She should just cut his dick off right there in front of the subway station entrance."
Clearly, my daughter has some anger towards men at the moment. This is her response to a movie we are watching where the husband is complaining about not gettin any for two months after the baby was born.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Some days...

Some days it just feels like all of the sudden you get slapped upside the head, then suddenly you get slapped upside the other. Then you cry all the way home from work, in the car hoping all those commuters can't see how red your face is or how you are yelling at no one in the car with tears running down your face.

Happy Thanksgiving; My soon to be ex-son-in-law is a scum of the earth dead beat dad who is slowly chipping away at my daughters sanity and my best friends mother just found out she has breast cancer. Yes, none of this is happening to me personally but really, it is.

Just last week I was wondering why I was worrying and obsessing over stuff I usually don't. I thought it was PMS. I was feeling better about life the last few days because I was just this side of my "monthly gift" and damn happy about it. Yeah, right.

I need some serious me time, some meditation, some therapy. At the moment Vodka will do.

Monday, November 24, 2008


Had to go all small font and less color so I can read and write and not have people from across the room read my junk. I'm actually having to type this in an e-mail and then post. Maybe if I type it in Word I can check my grammar too.

I'm liking the cleanliness of the blog. My life is just so crammed full of stuff; people, items, people, things to do, people needing me....I crave simple, sparse spaces.

I've noticed when I view Dooce's daily photos that I always feel better, peaceful, more focused. Man she probably has no idea how powerful she is. Still trying to figure out how to capture the light the way she does.

Okay, more later regarding one little person who is filling my life up with giggles and smiles and cuddles so much that I have even less time to get things done. Oh and then Hubby announces, yesterday, he wants to buy a bigger house. Whoa! AS IF...we don't have enough going on already.

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Oh I know, I should do a list of what I'm thankful for here instead of my usual whining about how tired I am or how crowded and messy my house is or how my kids (when all three are together) are in some kind of competition for what I don't know or how my husband is helping everyone else and not fixing our drafty ass house or how busy yet boring my work is or how I have absolutely no time to shoot, read, write, think, exercise.....Man does that keep me in a funk or what.

And now, we are getting ready to go to my brother-in-laws for an early Thanksgiving dinner. EVERYONE will be there. Normally this would be cause for a few shots (translate: bring full flask) but I'm not going to go there today. I need to behave. I always regret the venom that comes out of my mouth when I do that at family functions.

And then I have people, too many people in my house, especially at the moment, can't write because they are looking over my shoulder and I can't write at work because, it's work, damn it. Maybe I do need to just spend some money on a lap top of my own after I buy a new washer and dryer.

Really, I'm thankful for all that I have. Sometimes though it is really just too much.