Wednesday, May 20, 2009

No Drama

Of course I say this and then, BOOM, something will happen.

Work was even more boring today and home is relatively calm. Kids are behaving, Doodles is happy as long as he gets to go outside. My only dilemma at the moment is what the hell to fix for dinner. I think I need to go get something. Ugh. My two least favorite things: thinking of something for dinner and grocery shopping.

Hubby has injured his knee somehow but will not go to the doctor. Men. We are getting ready to go camping this weekend. I say we, while I am sitting here on my bed and Hubby is off to pick up the big ugly travel trailer. This should be a blast while he limps around and barks at Prince to do everything he can't and then complain to me about how it wasn't done right. I better go stock up on more vodka.

Camping. It's so much work for a few days out on the coast eating and drinking too much. We have been camping just about every summer since Prince was Doodles age and we always have fun. I know the kids love it. And why wouldn't they? We do most of the work. Brats. They need to step up , we are tired and they are young. That's it, I'm going to make them do it all. Yeah. Right.

And I'm done. I have invaders in my space and can't focus. Not that this post was all that exciting anyway. Boring, just like work. Ugh.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I cannot believe how freaking boring work has been the last couple of days and probably will be for at least two more. Gawd!

I don't like it when I have to try to look busy. I hate it when I have too much time to think. I mean I need time to think but at work? Please. All I can think about is all the people here I'm going to miss, what my new job is going to be like, Edward Cullen, Dane Cooks biceps, Hugh Jackmans ass and all the shit I could be getting done at home with this valuable time. (Just a touch of ADD goin on here.) It can also get expensive because when this woman has down time, she likes to shop. I have wish lists on Amazon, B & H Photo, Zappos, etc. Very dangerous. This is when I decide I NEED a remote shutter release doo-hickey for my camera or The Urban Dictionary or several pairs of sandals, today.

Oh who the hell am I kidding. The work I do is almost always boring even when we are so busy my eyes are crossing from all the data I have to audit and shit that needs to be calculated. I can do most of my thinking (fantasizing) while working. Maybe I should find a different line of work.

At the moment I'm sitting on my bed with my new laptop, listening to Keith Urban and, obviously, writing this post. I can do this right now because Princess and Doodles went to Target, Duchess has pretty much moved out (again), Prince is at work and Hubby is working on his truck so we can go camping this weekend. Yeah, more on that camping thing later. So while I could be getting dinner ready, I decided to take a few moments to enjoy this very rare quiet calm that has come over my house for about thirty minutes or so.

Of course while I was here, Duchess came in for a few minutes to say hi and pick up her dog (we are her doggy daycare) and then Prince called wanting to talk to Hubby but I told him to call him on his cell. Yes, my train of thought gets ripped off it's tracks by way more than just my attraction to shiny objects in my peripheral vision.

I need a, I mean, I need to get dinner made.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Short timers syndrome

Short timer - That bastard co-worker who found a better job and no longer gives a shit about shit.
From The Urban Dictionary

I am leaving. In two weeks I will be starting a new job four minutes from home. FOUR MINUTES. My current commute is 30 to 60 minutes depending on traffic AND I have to leave by 6:15 am to avoid that traffic. If I end up working overtime (far too often), then I get to sit in the traffic going home that I came to work at the ass crack of dawn to avoid.

Oh and I will be getting a fairly decent pay increase, little or no overtime which is good because it will be salary (instead of hourly), less stress, smaller office, more variety...what I'm really looking forward to is the energy and time to get back to school. Oh and did I mention, the FOUR MINUTE commute? My car won't even have time to warm up. I could actually walk if I get my butt in gear.

I'm going to miss some of these people, a lot. Others, not so much. Everyone here is sad that I'm leaving (amazing how people express their appreciation and love for you when you tell them you are outta here) yet happy for me and so green with envy they can barely contain themselves.

Now, I just have to hang in here for two weeks and I all I want to do is flee. Bored and tired is not working for me. I was good and gave two and a half weeks notice, now I'm wishing I would have given myself a few days off. Why do I do this crap to myself?

The upside to the boredom here, I can post more! Meanwhile, off to compare the Canon 30D and 40D. My question of the day, in addition to "What's for lunch?"...Is it worth it to try to sell my 30D on eBay and buy a 40D from a friend of mine?