Friday, September 11, 2009

When Hubbs is away...

Here I thought while Hubbs was off on his two week hunting trip, I would get a break. I would have more time to myself, time to get more things done, edit photos, craft, clean (rrright), etc. Well, I don't know WHAT the hell I was thinking. I haven't been home hardly at all. Spent a wonderful weekend with my BFF and then Monday with my kids buying shit I don't need (Brother P-touch, floor steam cleaner that I had to use right away). Every day after work this week, it's been something. School meetings, hanging out with friends, fixing dinner for a crowd and then work has been surprisingly busy. I'm exhausted! Now my Sister wants me to meet her for drinks and while I would love that, I just want to go home and crawl in bed. And cry.

That's right people, I'm still at work, with no work to do.

AND I still have a list as long as my arm of crap I want to get done before Hubbs gets back. Like take everything out of our dining room/office (small house, lots of people, no extra rooms), put it all in the garage and then bring back only what I need. After I clean the room of course. I know that once I start that I will have to finish it and I will be SO HAPPY because it will clear out a SHIT LOAD of negative energy that is bugging the holy crap out of me. Do I have the energy for this this weekend? OMG, I don't know. I will be watching Doodles for Princess Saturday night (whick KICK MY ASS) so she can go on a date with Officer Harmony. He is a police officer, no his name is not Harmony. I think it fits and it's funny.

Maybe, I can move all the crap out into the garage and sloooowly get rid of the ugly stuff and move the keeper stuff back. I'm the one most inconvenienced. It will all be in the way of my car being put back in the garage.

Hell, I don't know. It will probably be too hot tomorrow and I will say screw it and sleep all day. I WISH.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

My Horror-scope for today

An e-mail sent to my BFF:

By Rick Levine
Someone may accuse you of being negative today (just today, I accuse myself of that everyday), yet that's not your perception (Huh?) of what's happening. Your denial (me? In denial? naw) doesn't do much to settle others down as they ask you to explain your behavior (my behavior?! What about their behavior?). Don't allow yourself to get sucked into (too late) someone else's drama (but I’m surrounded by drama!), but if it's true that you have been hiding your frustrations (DUH!! And not doing a very good job of it either) it will feel better to get them out into the open. (Oh that can’t end well.)

Ready to either explode or collapse into an exhausted puddle of tears. Due to my hormonal imbalance, I can’t make up my FREAKING mind.

And how you doin?