Friday, October 23, 2009

An email to my BFF

How YOU doin up there?

How is the transformation of YOUR dining room into your mom’s living quarters coming along? Did I just make you cringe? Is she standing over your shoulder right now as you try to read this – asking you when you are going to get to those god forsaken cob-webs already?

How’s the blood pressure? I know, should’ve asked that one first. How’s your old man? The kids?

We are all well here. Physically anyway. Oh wait that’s me that’s mental. Actually I’m a ‘hormonal crazy bitch’ which is better than a ‘homicidal crazy bitch’ but I’m working on it as I write. The only thing keeping me from going postal is Jason Aldean, at the moment. OYE. I don’t know what it is about this one but he calms my nerves - or gets me excited - whatever works. Actually, I can’t tell if country music is making me appreciate all the little things or making me weep because I don’t got no man singing this stuff to/about me. I’m sure it just depends on where my hormones are at any given moment. My poor husband. Oh but he is another story!!

Meanwhile, on a daily basis, I think about a new career, taking another class, LICENSED THERAPY and then as I’m reading my journal for clues as to what the hell is wrong with me I see a note to myself to fix whatever setting it is on my camera that is over exposing everything I shoot, a little light bulb goes on in my head. Really my whole head lit up because that, that Photography thing I like so much yet haven’t enough time for, is where my passion is. How in the hell I forget this is a mystery to me. Time to FOCUS woman!!! I’ll be shooting a certain little man on his first pumpkin patch outing this weekend. And just now, I remembered why I exist.

In other news; Princess and Officer ‘Whatever’ are no more. THAT little thing has been a roller coaster ride up until yesterday, she is done with him. Wounded but trying to move on. Why? Why would he woo her with flowers, dinners, all night phone calls, introduce her to his grandmother, tell her he thinks he is falling in love with her and then suddenly end it? Oh, duh, she wasn’t putting out for all his efforts. Good riddance dude. Next.

Duchess is doing well. Her and Coasty have a new place, together. He’s a good (very cute) guy who really wants to take care of her and really values family because his was a train wreck. Yes, our family is very dysfunctional but we are aware and proud of it. She is still working full time but wants to get back to school full time so that could change. She is very happy and taking care of herself for a change. My little party girl.

Prince was dealing with the ex-girlfriend messing with his head for about a week and then it finally clicked, she’s an idiot, and he is done with her. Thank god! Must get his slowness from his mother. He’s been very busy with his youth group and running himself into the ground which worries me because this one does not need to get sick. He has had enough sickness to last a life time and he needs to graduate this year.

Doodles well, he can’t do anything wrong no matter how much the little Tornado destroys. He came back from a two week trip a bit taller, with longer hair and several new words. They really do need to get their own place. No they don’t. Yes they do. No they don’t. Okay, yes they do but only if it’s next door. Do you see what I mean by CRAZY?

So, that’s about it here. Yes, there is always more but we really don’t have time to mine the committee in my head for all the stuff that is really going on. I’ll just keep swimming and hopefully not do anything with this undercurrent of feeling like I want to do something CRAZY, wreak havoc on the world, shake things up a bit…Ah, you know what I’m rambling on about. Right?

“I love you man!”

Friday, October 2, 2009

Random ramblings

First; what the HELL is wrong with Gmail? Stupid.

I was realizing this morning that a year ago there was A LOT going on in my little world and it was very stressful. Life has calmed down considerably in the past year. Still crazy but last year was too much. This must be why I don’t post as much as I did at first. Less drama, less to write about? That sucks. I’m always trying to find good news out there, yet I don’t write when it’s all good. Must change that.

I was thinking of how I should write about my trip across the northern US almost a year ago. Yeah, I should. I can’t believe I haven’t yet. I'll get to working on that, tomorrow.

Princess is dating a cop. A cute cop, even out of uniform. Wow, is that fun to joke about and actually quite wonderful seeing how happy she is now. I realized she was pretty depressed for a while there. I KNOW, I'm slow!

Duchess has an ex-Coasty Engineer. Cute, kind, loves family and they are moving in together. Yes, too fast. That is my Duchess, gotta love her.

Prince is "hanging out" with a cute older girl he met last year. I like here. A little more down to earth than his girlfriend was. He really likes Officer Harmony cos he gets to go on ride-a-longs.

Hubs, well, he is getting on my last nerve. Time for the shovel upside his head. Again.

That is all. I am off to dinner. Because I NEED to eat and drink so I can get FATTER and FATTER! Ugh.