Thursday, January 29, 2009

From "The Office" Calendar

Somewhere along the line Americans decided that work could actually be fun. I believe psychologists describe this as the condition in which the person being held hostage actually falls in love with the person who's kidnapped them.

~ Dennis Miller
I Rant, Therefore I AM

I sent this quote to my husband because I thought it was funny. And then, it hit me right in the gut; he will probably take it totally wrong because he thinks I have a thing for my boss. JESUS! Wonderful. Grrreat. Tourette's strikes again! Then again, he may not even "get it." Because where he comes from; they don't have a sense of humor that they are aware of.
For the record, yes, I like my boss no more than I like some of my crazy co-workers or friends of mine. Hubby comments on how much I talk about my boss. HELLO. He is my boss. I work with him almost every day. Maybe I should comment on how he has a thing for his bosses, I mean he talks about them ALL the time.
Really, we aren't this petty, I just like to ramble on about stupid crap.

Friday, January 16, 2009

"Women Who Do too Much"

My sister gave me this desk calendar for Christmas. Currently the date it is on is the 14th. Obviously, I do too much. Just not enough of what I'm suppossed to do. For me.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What I got out of my 2008 review; My goals and ideas for 2009

I know I have a lot to be thankful for, for sure. I am so grateful sometimes I want to cry.

And this is what I need and want to do... not in any particular order:
Be proactive, not reactive.
Take better care of myself so I have the energy to do all of this.
Walk every day.
#1 and what I will call my New Years Resolution - EAT LESS, WAY LESS
Stop the negative self talk and ease up on the potty mouth (save it for when really necessary)
Blog more as a tool for discovering myself. This seems to work better than writing in my journal.
Don't talk smack about others.
MAKE TIME to immerse myself into my photography because this obviously brings me great joy.
Shoot EVERY DAY! Edit my captures and post once a week. Or edit/post daily and shoot often.
Find joy in the everyday little things and stop thinking it's not enough or that I need something more or to do more.
Have fun - EVERY DAY!


Monday, January 12, 2009

I figured it out...

I'm a nutritional overachiever!

Friday, January 2, 2009

My 2008 in review

Cheers and Happy New Year!

I thought about this a few days ago; what happened in 2008? Then I thought I would like to write about it, even better blog about it. Then I was thinking of once again how fast the year went by and how I didn't accomplish whatever it was that I had thought I could even attempt to accomplish. I don't even remember. And then of course I start thinking of all the negative events, feelings, etc.and decided I would mine my memories for the positive stuff. What a concept for me. In addition I may go on to list the things I would like to change this year. May, I say

My Duchess turned 21 in January and then moved out (for the 2nd time) and in to an apartment with her boyfriend. She was back home and broke up in about two months.

Hubby and I celebrated our 25th Anniversary on Valentines Day weekend in Lake Tahoe, where we got married. Our Anniversary is actually December 31st but there is too much going on then so we now have a tradition of going away for a long weekend every year on or about Valentines day.

My Princess had her first child which made me a Grandmother (still getting used to that title) March 22nd.

I flew to up-upstate New York for the first time to see my beautiful perfect grandson (now affectionate called Toodles) in April. And fell head over heels in love with the angel.

My Prince turned 16 April 21st and got a big, big pick up truck and started driving. Oye.

The Prince then got caught driving with his foul mouthed friend and we had to ground him, indefinitely (according to Hubby) in June. The day school got out for Summer. Then we sent him up north to work for his Uncle for a couple of weeks. And to hopefully stay out of trouble. Ended up working his butt off for a month and saved enough money to buy a dirt bike.

Went camping for my birthday and Independence Day on the Coast - one of my favorite places to be. Did my first sort of official photo shoot of my Niece out on the cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean and a gorgeous sunset for her first CD. I was nervous I wouldn't capture what she wanted, I'm not that good. She was nervous she wouldn't look good because she was 16, and teenage girls are so self critical. Hmm, yes I know, so are some middle aged women. I got super excited as I was shooting and seeing what we were getting, it was such a rush. Niece? She almost cried when she saw how beautiful she looked.

Saw Keith Urban for the third time in August. Can't get enough of that little cutie.

Watched my brother-in-law go through a major surgery in October and survive. And then flew to New York again but this time to gather up my daughter and grandson so we could drive back to California because we was leaving her lying, cheating, dirt bag, husband.

Drove from New York (from almost fricking Canada) to California (to almost the pacific ocean) with a seven month old. Went through 3 time zones, one during the daylight savings change. Yeah, we were very discombobulated for about twelve hours while out cell phones tried to figure it out too.

Got stuck on our loonnnnnngggg drive from New York to California in Wells, Nevada for two days waiting for car repairs right before the Election. Luckily we had the nicest mechanic EVER - wasn't bad looking either.

Witnessed and was part of (Yes, because I voted) the most important Presidential election I can remember. Made me cry. Granted I was STUCK in a Motel 6 in Wells, Nevada, had been driving for six days and trying to keep my poor daughter from falling apart. I still want to cry when I think about the fact that we voted in Obama. The people have spoken.

Hubby came to rescue us. Flew to Salt Lake City, rented a car, drove to Wells in the middle of the night, got a little sleep before we transferred as much as we could from Princesses car to the rental and got us home that night at 530.

Duchess moved out again with same boyfriend, this time an hour and a half away. Sniff. This was just in time for Princess and Toodles to move in. Yep big changes. Small house. Lots of stuff and noise and yes I know, it will not always be like this. And I WILL miss it.

Received a copy of Nieces CD - the jacket was all my photography. The front, the back and the inside.

Wow, November was a full month.

December is all about Hubby's birthday, Christmas and Anniversary's. Oh this year we threw in Nephews graduation from College, big party the weekend before Christmas. Large family, always something going on. Last minute Christmas shopping is always great fun, if you like that kind of stress. Seems to be how it works out every year. I still had to work over time and not extra time off. Then throw in a raging cold for me beginning on Christmas Eve and still going strong today. Toodles got an ear infection for Christmas and our Lab had face/head surgery. But hey we got to stay home on Christmas day, rare.

New Years Eve was quiet because I needed to prevent my cold from turning into Bronchitis. It was okay though. I prefer to wake up on New Years Day not hungover. For our anniversary, cards. Oh and Hubby gave me a ruby and white gold ring. YES! Now what to do with all the yellow gold ones. OH and we are planning our February trip to Yosemite.