Friday, July 9, 2010


October was the last time I posted here. Maybe I should just give up. Na, it’s fun (and sometimes painful) to go back and read the crap I wrote.

Life has been busy yet I haven’t done even half the stuff I said I was going to do back then. I’ve done a lot of other stuff though. Still fat, out of shape, sore all the time and currently nursing a chest cold. THAT is something I haven’t had in about a year.

Still working at the same place for over a year now. BORING. Yet can be entertaining if you like daily drama from coworkers. OMG! I don’t. Princess was dumped by the Officer - he has some major issues anyway. Then she dated a fireman where she FINALLY got laid. Dated a sheriff and then called it quits for a while due to too many weirdos. Then she met the IrishMAN. That is now in full bloom and he is a really great guy with a nice family. The two of them fit well together. Duchess is still with her Coasty and we still like him a lot. She is about to quit working so she can do school full time. Brave one, that girl. Prince; AH ma BABY boy!! He graduated from high school, has two jobs and the cutest, funniest girlfriend - I shall call her Mac. He still doesn't know what he wants to be when he grows up (neither do I) so we are giving him the summer to have fun and figure out his next step. Then we are kicking them all to the curb, selling the house and moving to Italy. BwAhaHAha! I wish. Okay, maybe not MOVING to Italy but I would like to visit. We aren't even selling the house. Yet. First we have to get rid of the squatters. Princess and Doodles are still living with us. I'm still bitching about the messes and the craziness of it all but man if that two year old isn't the cutest little boy EVER. That's what saves him because he has a lot of his father (Dumb ASS) in him and he can be a little turd.

Hubs is getting old. Bad knee, can't hear. Could just be he can't hear me. And right now he is getting ready for deer season, which starts tomorrow. SO, guess who has been shopping. A new monitor for my computer/photo editing, shoes, shoes and more shoes...And I get weekend mornings in bed, by myself. Can you hear me singing while I type this. I can.

Me. I turned another year older. Damn it. Took up playing in the dirt on my quad. I like riding more when the weather is cooler. Mama don't like the sweating much. Been practicing photography more than ever and LOVING it. I've been doing other stuff besides getting old and forgetting shit but at the moment I can't remember and really, I don't want to bore myself here. We all know, I'm the only one who reads this.

I should probably get me ass doin some work for this company, since I am on their computer.

Until next year....