Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I could probably title most of my posts as Drama.

I'm just so tired of hearing myself talk about all the crap that is going on. Mostly with my girls and these wanna be men they choose. WTF? Princesses baby's daddy (or as I prefer, Dumb Ass) put us through some hell on Doodles birthday of all days. Threatening to take him from her. Yeah right, idiot. Where's he going to take him, back to Afghanistan? Yep, DUMB ASS. Now we have Duchesses boyfriend losing his mind because, she says "he is not the one". He agreed that she was also not the one and then lost it because he still loves her. So tell me how can he say that and then call her names, try to kick her out of the house and just basically be verbally and emotionally abusive? It's like a damn soap opera around here. So, now we are planning on driving up and getting all of Duchesses stuff this weekend. We have to rent a storage unit until she gets a place because we are full at the inn. Over full! What with a very small house and the recent addition of Princess, Doodles and all things baby. I tried child proofing but they keep getting back in.

My question to Hubby last night; When is the hemorrhaging going to stop? When do we say "enough, you made your bed now you need to figure it out"? Oh, right, never. These are our children. Adult children, ugh.

Getting ready to go on a road trip to see my Mom and Step Dad in AZ. This should give us a break from some of the wussy drama. I'm sure I will be Twittering up a storm while driving. Kidding. Just me, the girls and Doodles. A one year old should be a nice little blast of tornado to to Great Grandmas peaceful retirement. Hubby can't go, has to work. Prince won't go as he "has a life" - whatever. I'm not going to force him because then it would be no fun for all of us and it would cost way more with him being so 16 and a 6' 4" chow hound. We would have to rent a van instead of just taking my car. One main rule when we get there; no discussion of Politics what-so-ever. Senior citizen, card carrying Republicans are MEAN and I am not up for that shit.

Oh I have so much more but again, sick and tired of hearing about it all, I am. So, in the mean time...All I want to do is read! Read all things Twilight. Escape, ahhh. Probably better for me than trying to escape with multiple Martinis. I am the biggest sucker for love stories and apparently a tad bit into Vampires. Hmm, interesting. Who knew. I tried to resist, thinking I'm too old to be reading this series but Princess and some friends kept telling me I should. And now I'm hooked. Partial blame goes to HappyHourSue - THANK YOU, seriously, THANK YOU!!

Posted from work. Nuff said.